Welcome to Nottdance 2013. This year we simply ask: Are you Dancing? Well are you asking?

Nottdance Festival returns, internationally renowned for its innovative and entertaining perspective on ‘What can dance be?’ An intriguing and thrilling programme featuring some of the world’s greatest new ideas in dance. This festival sets out to reveal the scores that inspire the creation and presentation of dance, uncovering the thinking, making and dancing from the artists we’ve selected for you.

We invite you to WATCH, LISTEN, SEE and DANCE! Delve into our programme and indulge in one or both of our weekends of dance, taking advantage of our great ticket and accommodation deals.

Established 23 years ago the Nottdance festival continues to showcase the most exciting dance and performance work happening across the UK and the world. Working in partnership with Nottingham’s world-class venues including Nottingham Playhouse, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham Contemporary and Nottingham Trent University, Nottdance Festival will also be found in alternative venues and spaces across this fantastic city.

Join the Dance4 team for Struts and Frets at Rock City on Thursday 7 March where we’ll start the festival with a challenge to find our Nottdance Air Guitar champion.

Paul Russ

Chief Executive/Artistic Director.

Nottdance 2013 includes works by :

Alias Dance Company (CH)

Ame Henderson (CA)

Caroline Bowditch (UK)

Colette Sadler (UK)

Gillie Kleiman (UK) & Sara Lindstöm (UK)

Guy Dartnell (UK)

Helen Cole (UK)

Helena Hanhineva (FI)

Jack Webb (UK)

Jonathon Burrows(UK) & Matteo Fargion (BE)

Louise Ahl (UK)

Lynn Dakin Ball (UK)

Maria Hassabi (UK) & Robert Steijn (NE)

Matthias Sperling (UK)

Miguel Pereira (PT)

Neil Callaghan (UK) & Simone Kenyon (UK)

Nicola Conibere (UK)

Niv Sheinfeld (IL) & Oren Laor (IL)

Rob Clark (UK)

Rodrigo Sobarzo (NL)

Rosalind Crisp (AU)

Sadhana Dance (UK)

Sara Lindstöm (SE)

Vaatu Kalajoki (FI).

      Home Page Image : Caroline Bowditch- Falling in love with Frida. Photo Credit- Anthony Hopwood

About Page Image : Niv Sheinfeld and Oren Laor –Ship of Fools . Photo credit- Gabi Dagon